Artists from around the Focolare art exhibition to share the joy
Focolare April 27 to 26 May in Wan Chai Lady of Mount Caramel Church held “messengers of joy” art exhibition, eleven art creators from more than fifty works on display, to bring out information during the resurrection joy.

The exhibition through painting, Chinese ink painting, pastel painting, painting, ceramics, watercolor, digital photography and other creative media, showing the face of the Church, parents and children, Holy Family, Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, as well as saints and so on.
April 27 opening and blessing ceremony by the officiating Xia Zhicheng auxiliary bishop, Monsignor He Mingzhe Holy See of Hong Kong (Javier Herrera Corona), Philippine Consul General Consulate General of Fatima Guzman Quintin, Focolare priests and other guests attended Xuejun Hao.

Summer bishop pointed out that in the liturgy, exhibitors of art to praise the Lord and on contemplation kindly face, with the experience of resurrection joy, he expected to watch the exhibits of the person to whom the Holy Spirit touch with each person is “the resurrection of the messenger.” “we are not only celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, but our life is because of His resurrection.”

Gong core members of the Focolare Wie said in his speech, is eleven times the artists involved in the exhibition, including members of the Focolare Movement, believers and non-believers, to bring out the exhibition “regardless of religion, the viewer can reflect through contemplation and God communicate, understand the main Sound of Music.”

One of the participating artists, members of the Focolare Movement Liu Wanting bench pointed out that the exhibition seven years ago from the idea of formal preparatory to September last year, exhibitors from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Fujian, Toronto, Melbourne, and Italy.

Liu Wanting to say, the church stairs to the first painting “Annunciation” for a start, “cooperation with the Virgin Mary brought Jesus to the world with God, Jesus publicly preaching the gospel and missionary life, and to show the good news of the Gospel joy “; but also bring out the temporary exhibits in Jesus. She looked forward to the exhibition inspired everyone to become “messengers of joy.”