Irene retrospective biography for art show 2007-2017

Irene's Journey to Faith 2017

How it is started?

I am a dreamer, I like doing thing which I never did before, I like to explore and see how things are done. One day when I passed by museum, I love abstract art. I love colours, I do not quite catch what is all about but I like the simplicity, composition and textures. I feel very happy, different colours on different form and shape. These made me more anxious and curious to touch the artist’s heart, what are their message, what are they telling about, what inspiration I can get. I found this abstract art very interesting and encouraging me to make one up. I only know “Just Do It”.

Why am I started?

In 2007 when I was 50, I realized time goes very fast. I need to work out something in my premium years. So I created my own website to accumulate my works as well as learning basic skills drawing, colour composition and different medium. This is my self plan art exploration.
On top of this, after high school graduation I failed getting into polytechnic art design school, instead going for secretarial fields forty years. I thought is my time to treasure, time to explore and time to achieve what I want to pursue in life. I love Art being free and happy.

Where can I started?

I started to join some local art clubs like Willowdale Group of Artists, Bayview Watercolour Society, Dynasty Art Club and some artists classes. One way to meet same interest friends, the other way is to learn the basic skills of drawing.

What is the main purpose?

I understand Art can make people happy, can make people inspired as well as a gift. This Art therapy can heal my soul, my body and my mind. Art is a therapy, Art is a happy happening and Art is so personal, it has no limitation. Art makes people beautiful, people love Art.

How does it go in these the years of work?

Not demanding how life gorgeous it will be, not expecting what museum I may go, never regret, never expect, never forget. I made it, I did it, I worked on it. This is how I pursue my dream, I am a dreamer, using Art as my dream catcher. During life I don’t need too much, too fancy or too remarkable, something simple, something on my hands that I can grasp is good enough to treasure my life.

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